Detail & Paint Correction

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Which Service Do You Need?

Automotive detailing means different things to different people. Falcon Motor Group is proud to offer a variety of services that best fit your needs. ESOTERIC ELITE DETAILER CERTIFIED, Professionally trained in paint polishing and compounding, product effectiveness, paint perfection as well as coating and coating maintenance.

Focusing on the your car’s interior and exterior finishes leaving you with a clean and car inside and out.

Removing blemishes, swirls and overall paint defects from improper washing techniques to leave you with a clean and restored finish.

Protecting your new investment from the elements and preserving your new car’s finish for years to come.
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Creating a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint work to protect the finish of your vehicle for 18-24 months.


Whether you are looking for basic services or a combination of a few contact us today to receive a quote based directly on your needs.

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